Sammy McNally of this Parish has come up with a sensible suggestion. A regular post highlighting, well, highlights from the web.

Sammy is kicking things off although he appears to be a more avid Newsletter reader than Carrickally!

It was a week dominated by the reaction to the (excellent) BBC program – which you could be forgiven for thinking was about Gerry Adams – but was actually about the Disappeared…

Unionists did however take some time off from demanding Gerry’s resignation to complain about being force fed Irish stationery – “I’ve no time for the Irish language when it’s being shoved down your throat.”
and Unionists also had time to complain about the other Gerry (Kelly) signing his new book

“I am totally disgusted. We have good community relations in Antrim that we have all been trying to build, so to bring a convicted terrorist ”

In the comments section – before the Newsletter removed it – someone had suggested that rather than Antrim having good community relations – “It was a wee black hole”.
Back to Gerry (Adams) – having perhaps sated itself in the preceeding weeks on the charges against Gerry’s (Adams) brother – and why that also meant Gerry had to go – Slugger was somewhat more reserved than might have been expected (by its own enthusiastic standards for criticising the Adams family) with only 5 posts on the subject (by Friday evening).
At times like these both Gerrys’ can normally find some tinternet succour over on Jude Collins’s site – and the boul Jude didn’t disappoint – sticking rigidily to the requirement for ‘proof’ of Gerry’s involvement in the IRA.

(Note to Jude: Asking whether Gerry (Adams) was ever in the IRA is bit like asking if Alex Ferguson ever played for Manchester United)

…and the week finsished with some good news with wee Davey Ford the Minister for Peace Walls assuring everyone that the new Peace wall through the grounds of St Matthews Church was not actually a Peace wall at all – because it could could be retracted – and was only there for those occasions when projectiles were in transit in either direction.

My own contributions would be the following two pieces (BD):–or-why-remembrance-rituals-make-me-see-red-8927751.html