Fitzjameshorse is back.

King JamesHe retired from blogging some time ago but has reconsidered. In his usual style there has been no announcement or fanfare. Just wanted to let those of you with an interest in contemporary Jacobean politics know.

Fitzjameshorse, needless to say, drives me mad sometimes as I’m sure he does to the SDLP party in general. (And I’m no SDLP’er)

The British Labour party had their Anthony Wedgwood Benn, The Tories have Boris, Fianna Fail had their differences with Neil Blaney and as for the UUP…Well, that’s a developing story.

I always thought that his contribution was worthwhile and his experience worth listening to. Perhaps his “retirement” was a fit of pique, I don’t know but he is back.

If I may say something directly. ” Please don’t leave the field without good reason”