Good Evening.

Some of you may have seen the below graphic which I published on my twitter feed yesterday.

Age demo 2011

I hasten to add that it is not my own picture but I can I assure you I have checked the figures and they are accurate. The figures are, of course, 5 years out of date.

In other words, we can advance every figure above by a factor of 5 years. In other words those 4 year olds will be voters by 2025

You may be well aware of this demographic timebomb. I am certain that the more intelligent unionist political leaders are also well aware of it.

Hence the well heralded narrative of “Norneverland” not to mention “Letsgetalongerism”. My own opinion of all this nonsense is that it is the latest manifestation of the “our wee country” and “the province” delusion.

Make no mistake there is a serious concerted campaign underway to pretend that this part of Ireland is a country in its own right.

It isn’t. It’s an artificially constructed statelet that has never, since its inception, functioned in a remotely normal fashion. The reason for that is simply that it was founded upon the basis of a sectarian, demographic majoritarian rule.

That is not to deny the right of every citizen to identify themselves as they wish. However no citizen has the right to deny their fellow citizens the same right.

In other words, equality and democracy.

The basis of this blog is to demonstrate that, the founding premise of the six county  state is falling apart.

Following the debacle of the “Unionist Outreach” attempt, the last throw of the dice is a shuffle towards creating a Nornirish identity.

Well I’m a Leinsterman, and I enjoy the banter in the pub during the rugby, I’m also a Dub, you can imagine the stick I get against , well anyone.

But when Ireland play………