South Belfast is hotting up as a potential electoral touchstone for the forthcoming elections. Within the nationalist camp we have the increasingly blunderingly percievied  incumbent, Dr Al versus the “social media and finger on the pulse” expert, Máirtin O’M. If the SDLP had an ounce of media management sense the well meaning leader would not be let out without a team of minders in possession of a short leash and a well written script. A well worn dictum of the dark arts of PR is never to let a silence fill the airwaves of a disaster. A worse decision is to fill the silence with bluff and bluster.

Sinn Fein seldom make that elementary mistake. That may be a crucial difference come May.

Who will win come May in South Belfast?

This is now a nationalist seat. Unthinkable 20 years ago but now a fact

The only chance Unionism has of winning this seat is via a “pact”.

Think about that that for a minute. Could you imagine Carson, the Dubliner, Paisley or Craigavon admitting that South Belfast could fall to a non Unionist candidate? Let alone squabbling about how to stop “themmuns” keeping the seat.

What we have is eleven pro union parties and two pro reunification parties so far.

Game on