Tweeted tonight by the DUP:

“We’re delighted that Nigel Lutton will be an agreed unionist candidate in the Mid Ulster by-election.”

John McAllistar has resigned tonight. Immediate effect. Live. On the BBC. All eyes will be on Basil McCrea next. Mike Nesbitt is starting to make Tom Elliot look competent. That is some achievement. Perhaps the only achievement I can think of so far on his part.Broken Union

Not a word from the UUP who’s press office have obviously outsourced their function to, eh, the DUP press office. Fun and games in Unionism has given way to farce. The UUP have now moved from the position of contesting marginal seats where a possible unionist unity candidate may win to one where they have no chance whatsoever. This will be interesting. It is a surrender of any pretence on the part of the UUP that there is any difference between them and the DUP. Indeed why is there any longer a need for a UUP?

Nesbitt is surely a busted flush at this point. This is decision time for Basil McCrea. If he doesn’t seize this moment it will be gone. My guess is he will be gone within in 24 hours. Possibly, as predicted here earlier, to realign Unionism.

UPDATE: The UUP have made this announcement on their website. No comment whatsoever on their latest resignation. The sound of contented cooing from the DUP nest is palpable in my opinion. Unionist unity may be closer than TV Mike thinks.

FURTHER UPDATE: Basil McCrea has resigned from the party. Announced on the Nolan Show on the BBC. Friday morning Feb 15th