Demographics and voting patterns don’t matter? Mr Ferguson must be spinning at a fair old rate

I think the picture says it all…….

Fhear manach CouncilOn reflection I should add to this post. While Unionism is working itself into ever decreasing circles of angst over Belfast, nationalism is quietly gaining step by step. Perhaps Peter Robinson should have paid more attention to Shakespeare or even Tolkien when he was growing up. The eye of the media is drawn to an empty flagpole in belfast while real political progress, including the shared future agenda, is advancing elsewhere. Basil McCrea and a certain “Senior UDA figure” are now the only sensible voices from within Unionism. Leadership? Peter has a problem. His latest comment seeks to unite on the basis of an anti gay marriage agenda. If this is his best shot I despair. Strategy? None. Tactics? blame the gay agenda.

Meanwhile, The SDLP and Sinn Fein quietly let them get on with it.