Is this Culture? Is it a fraternal, benign christian organisation? Is it a semi political hymn singing club for boys? Is it a project for the advancement of Protestant religious values and ideals? Is it a means of expressing alliegance to the British Crown and the laws signed off by the holder of that Crown? Is it a proud expression of local values and community solidarity? Is it a valuable contributor to society? Is it a confraternity of generally elderly gentlemen with common purpose and good intentions? Is it a social thing? Is it politically influential? Is it the same as it ever was?

This week, Slugger, that ‘aul Dinosaur of the Interweb, fond as I am of its foibles, asked  if it had changed anyones opinions.

It hasn’t changed any of mine because it is essentially a forum for entrenched opinions.

I prefer my opinions to be informed by facts.

The facts I saw this week changed my opinions on Unionism. Particularly Political Unionism. Dereliction of leadership, complete capitulation to the lowest imaginable denominator, blatant sectarianism, sickening bigotry.

The only shining torch from this motorway pile up for Unionism was the statement by the heads of the Presbyterian and Church of Ireland congregations.

“It was totally unacceptable; it was unacceptable to me, it was unacceptable to the Church of Ireland.”

Huge Respect for that. It’s called actual Leadership.

My original question – What is it?

You may notice I didn’t address my opening paragraph to any named organisation or group. If you know who I am talking about I think that kind of proves the point.

I really tried to think of their value or positive contributions to society. That was the best I could come up with. If I  tried to balance this post with their negative influence, frankly, I could write a Novel