It is clear now that political unionism is going through a period of coming to terms with the fact that demographic, cultural and social change is a reality in the six counties of north eastern Ulster.Tattered union flag

It is interesting that some seek to portray it as a kind of LGBT/pan nationalist thing. The reality is that poor Arlene’s outreach policy has been outflanked by her recidivist right wing. This begs the question as to who is actually in charge? The obvious answer is Nigel and he really isn’t the sharpest as pretty much everyone knows.

Peter Robinson has gently suggested to his “lemmings” that they need to at least, prepare a response to the reality that is now upon them. Their response, while predictable, is ridiculous.

I actually feel sorry for genuine unionists taken in by such nonsense by the likes of Poots and Wilson.

I know there are genuine, articulate, unionists out there.