I thought it might be useful to pen an open letter to anyone considering voting leave or out or whatever it is this week from the viewpoint of an unapologetic Irish Nationalist. My points below are, of course, from that viewpoint and regarding the future status of the north east of Ireland.

This debate has boiled down to two questions over the course of the campaign.

Economics and Immigration.

Firstly the economic argument.

Simply put, there is no coherent anti argument. Overwhelmingly the concensus is that brexit would be an economic disaster for the UK. That will be amplified in the north. According to the Guardian, major Banks are already looking to relocate to Dublin, the hit to the UK economy will be huge but that is a matter for people in England.

I think the people of Scotland are are already tuned into this as a result of the lies they were told during the Independence referendum. That mistake will not be repeated.

Unfortunately, here, things are different.

Every election in this part of the world tends to be viewed through the prism of the “national” question.

That tends to skew the answers somewhat. Make no mistake, this is a low wage low cost economic backwater unlike a few miles to the south. There is much to lose here in a brexit vote.

Secondly there is the Immigration argument.

Where to start on this one? We are a nation of immigrants and emigrants

From the Celts to the Normans to the Lowland Scots and many in between we are a rich mix of many races from which we have forged a distinct identity.

As for the emigrants, we are spread across the globe. For reasons of economic necessity and also through enforced deportation by a foreign power as well as an engineered genocide, we have outposts across the world.

They are outposts of succour, not of power.  That is what we are proud of as a people.

I’m not inclined to deliver lectures on how to vote.

I just know that the economics are a clear case to me and so is the immigration argument