Hi everyone.

Please excuse my extended absence. It was entirely due to a lack of motivation on my part as well as a busy work schedule.

I thought I’d post tonight on the forthcoming elections south of the border.

Today’s RED C Sunday Business Post survey is of interest and, combined with all the recent polls leads me to think that the formation of the next 26 county government is in the gift of the Fianna Fail Party.

The Results of the Poll are:

11/02/2016. TV3 LEADERS ELECTION DEBATE. Pictured

11/02/2016. TV3 LEADERS ELECTION DEBATE. Pictured  Leader Of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams TD at the first General Election 2016 TV and radio debate on TV3 this evening in association with News talk 106fm. The debate is moderated by Newstalks Pat Kenny and TV3s Colette Fitzpatrick. Photo: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

I think the actual election results will be pretty close to this outcome (barring “events” of course) Naturally the actual number of seats won will determine the outcomes.

Now as I see it Fianna Fail have 3 options.

  • Opt for opposition on their own allowing Sinn Fein to become the official opposition party in the Dail
  • Enter a coalition Government as junior partners to Fine Gael
  • Enter a coalition Government as major/junior partners with Sinn Fein

History tells us that political parties will twist, bend and contort whatever is necessary to attain power.

Particularly Fianna Fail.

This could be very interesting.