Something interesting regarding the upcoming elections in North Antrim from FJH

Keeping An Eye On the Czar of Russia

Let me put a scenario to you.

A political party gets less than 13% of the votes in the Westminster Election. Next May, it is defending one seat in a six seat constituency. And it had a Selection Conference two months ago.

How many candidates should the Party field to retain its seat? Surely the obvious answer is….one….the sitting member.

But in North Antrim, Sinn Féin is running two candidates, sitting MLA Dáithí McKay and Cara McShane. All with the announced intention of giving voters a chance to elect a second Sinn Féin member. It is …to say the least…optimistic.

In 2011, due largely to boundary changes, the second nationalist seat (SDLP) was lost. Six months ago the SDLP vote was around 7% but likely to improve in a PR election.

What is going on there? Is the sitting member not worried that maybe reducing his vote could cost him…

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