We are on the eve of the next election afflicting (sic) the long suffering voters of this part of Ireland.

We have a choice between the ballygobackwardsmen of the DUP and TUV, TV (Doesn’t like pacts) Mike,  Al (turn out the lights) McDonnell, the “Ginger Ninja” herself, Naomi and the Shinnisters.

I’ll be doing an all-nighter tomorrow. I am supremely indifferent to who the next English PM is although I will enjoy seeing how the SNP and Plaid Cymru do. What I’m interested in is the following:

Fermanagh South Tyrone

Upper Bann

East Belfast

North Belfast

South Belfast

South Antrim

In my humble opinion these are the only seats with a degree of uncertainty.

The key thing from a nationalist perspective is to get the vote out. I noted with interest the North Belfast SF leaflet highlighting the census results. It was clumsily done but the reaction it provoked was very revealing. Perhaps Unionism should have put a sock over it’s Achilles heel?