I’ve been quiet recently on the blogging front over the past few weeks but I have some interesting stuff coming up regarding the forthcoming Westminster elections. Here are some of the sites and articles I’ve been reading recently that may be of interest.

As we absorb the lessons of the Scottish referendum result and reflect upon the implications for this part of the world, as our local politicians settle into their traditional tribal responses, as we wonder what will happen next, I am coming to the conclusion that this is a game changer.

Already, within 48 hours of the result, a new movement is taking shape. It’s called the “45”. Phil McGiolla Bháin explains it here.

There is an fascinating interactive map here from the Guardian on national identity and who identifies themselves as British or otherwise.. I have a feeling the Belfast Telegraph wasn’t consulted on these results as the Norn Iron identity seems to have shrunk somewhat. Ahem.

Meanwhile in Co Fermanagh, there is a fascinating article on schools and demographic change over on the Detail website. Well worth a read!