Keeping An Eye On the Czar of Russia

We used to be far too busy with Sectarianism (a specifically local problem) to worry about one of the great global problems like Racism.
As “Lord” Brookeborough, one of the founding fathers of the Norn Iron statelet put it (when referring to Catholics) “I wouldnt have one about the place”.
We have a settlement of sorts to our Conflict which forces unionism to accept that 45 per cent of the population are equally entitled to be about the place.
And there is a strong strand of unionism which is hostile to it, even if they accept it …just to stay in some kinda power.
Lets be frank here.
Imperialism is about Supremacy. The “right” often attributed to GOD to ownership of land and the subjugation of people.
The Israelis claim GOD on their side.
The Americans talked of their Manifest Destiny as they moved west.
The Nazis had the “natural”…

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