The 3rd  Annual Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report has been released by Dr Paul Nolan. It may be viewed in its entirety Here.

Age profile

Demographic trends point to seismic shifts in Northern Ireland / NI Peace Monitoring Report 2014

Of particular interest to this blog are the findings and observations on the demographic changes happening at an ever increasing pace across the North. Of course, regular readers of this blog will hardly be surprised by the findings. I was interested to note that there is no longer any debate about what change is occurring or the speed at which it is happening. The bloggerati, academics, mainstream media and, yes, even the “letsgetalongerists” (copyright FJH 😉 ) are now debating the effects of the changes and the opinions of the population. Opinions that may become apparent in a meaningful way at the upcoming May elections.

Some interesting examples are Here and Here.

A subject we have visited before is noted, the changing demographic profile of various wards in Belfast:

Belfast is experiencing dramatic population shifts / NI Peace Monitoring Report 2014

Belfast is experiencing dramatic population shifts / NI Peace Monitoring Report 2014

The most dramatic changes at ward level in Belfast the North are noted are as follows:



As Alan in Belfast notes over on Slugger “Unionism might want to wake up to reality of NI’s changing demographic and adjust their age-old strategy of scaremongering and find a more positive way to engage in political negotiation.”

The report in itself collates information from a number of sources including some that we have mined here. It presents it’s findings in a clear readable style and I would recommend a full read to all as linked above. In essence it charts the rapidly changing economic, political, demographic and educational face of this part of the world. As we all know, change is inevitable, it is how we react to and manage those changes that determines what we will become in coming days.