‘No, no sir its not dead – the Norwegian Blue prefers kipping on its back.’

So insisted the pet shop owner (Michael Palin) as he tried unsuccessfully to convince the disgruntled customer (John Cleese) that the parrot ‘what he had purchased a half an hour earlier’ – was indeed alive and well.

..and this week Richard and Meghan tried to convince anyone who was interested – that their talks process was not an ex-process and had not gone to meet its maker.

The parrot sketch (by a former British PM)


Ricky tries to breathe some life into the deceased


It was a week dominated by the usual embarrassment for Unionism as their leaders said ‘NO’ yet again – and the usual attempts by some to cover Unionist blushes and spread the blame.



So, with the tiresome Haass out of the way, Green Field Number 4 politicians could get back to doing what they like doing most – arguing about the past – with the current leader of the DUP disputing with the previous leader, as to who was to blame for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Robinson disputing what the Reverend Ian was reported as saying in the forthcoming 2 part BBC documentary on his goodself.

..with Peter quickly spotting that if the Irish government were being blamed by Paisley for the bombings then that might sound too close to Republican logic regarding the legitimacy of their armed struggle.

Surely quote of the week, from the forthcoming programme by the big man on the subject of the bombings?

“I had nothing to do with it”.

Funnily enough, many people, up until this point, probably had not linked our most famous man of the cloth to these UVF (plus allegedly MI5) attacks.


So this week, with Unionist frustration with Haass still simmering away, up pops the old hardy perennial of Fenian fecundity in the Detail ( as highlighted on this site by BangorDub) to further increase Unionist and Loyalist alienation.


What will also increase Loyalist alienation is the disclosure by the Newsletter that the “PSNI has taken 16 months to close a Freedom of Information request, in the end refusing to update its figures on the ratio of loyalists to republicans arrested as part of Historical Enquiries Team (HET) investigations.” The last figures released in 2010 showed that “71 arrests to date; all but one are loyalists”.

Perhaps Loyalists are not actually paranoid after all – and everybody is out to get them?


And finally, another word from another dead parrot.