It has been a week of political recriminations – but somehow Richard and Meghan have returned to the US with hardly a word of criticism from the media.

Off they went, having left behind a Report which not only offers little but is being used by the parties who helped draw it up to beat each other over the head.

… and no sooner had the unhappy couple left the country but a row had broken out over who should publish their Report!

To be fair, in his article in the Irish Times, Eamonn McCann, does at least highlight the unpromising background of herself (Meghan) in her role in Iraq.

As far as we can tell (if we rely on the trusty old BBC) Unionists had more difficulty with the report than Nationalists and SF will presumably not pass up the opportunity to highlight both their ‘reasonableness’ and Unionist ‘intransigence’.

In attempt to head off SF gaining any traction with such suggestions the DUP have attempted to put a positive spin on events. That will be tricky Peter.

SF’s apparent acceptance of the Report provides a welcome opportunity for ‘dissident’ republicans and the boul Mick over on Slugger to highlight further‘evidence’ of SF’s betrayal of the Republican cause. (Interestingly , both using Eamonn McCann as their source material).

In a piece of early electioneering the clearly desperate UUP have decided that in the confusion following the publication of the report there is an opportunity to blame the Alliance Party for the debacle. Yes, they expect us to believe that the party who have consistently taken the middle ground on these controversial issues under discussion – wrecked the chances of agreement. No thanks, not buying that.

It may be too early to fully evaluate the Haass contribution but on the basis of what we have just observed it has been a very poor attempt to allow both the British and Irish governments to pass the buck and/or kick it down the road.

…what a shambolic week of politics.