For those of you who, like me, are interested in number crunching, I have received the blog stats for 2013.

MagnifierDespite a very quiet end to the year due to a debilitating optic nerve problem which left me unable to see out of my “good” eye, the overall figures are very satisfying and are evidence that our readership is extensive, global and growing. It is interesting to think that this corner of the world is perhaps, not as insular as we sometimes think it is.

The headlines for 2013 are:

  • 160,000+ views (Top day was Jan 30th with 1,368 views)
  • 100 Blog posts
  • Top post was “Westminster is looking interesting” with 179 comments.
  • We were viewed in 88 Countries with the top 3 being UK, Ireland and the US of A.
  • Our top 3 “Commenters” were Fear Fearsteach, Carrickally and the boul’ Sammy  McNally.

I’m not forgetting all the occasional commenters, lurkers, fellow bloggers and visitors who all contribute in their own way and provide me with the motivation to “keep her lit”. The eye problem is well on the mend happily so I anticipate a more active 2014. I’m currently wading through the Haass proposals and am thankful I can actually read the damn thing!

Thank You to all.

( Link to the full Haass document is here by the way)