I admit I have more than a few things to blog on this week. Following on from Faha’s excellent work here I was preparing a blog on the upcoming European elections. I still am and will publish shortly although I am prone to sub-editing to death my ramblings sometimes.

The news story of the week has been the publication of the Smithwick report. I doubt if many have actually read it. Here it is in it’s entirety. I recommend a read before commenting unlike the rank hypocrisy of certain politicians who have jumped on the old populist bandwagon and pressed their jaws into full power prior to engaging their brains.

My opinion? I see no evidence of state involvement, connivance or acceptance in what occurred. Nor do I see any allegation or suggestion in the findings of such. Therefore I fail to see the rationale behind the state apologising. This is in marked contrast to what occurred a few miles North of Dundalk (and indeed South of it) over a prolonged period and with considerable evidence. There is no evidence or suggestion of State or official involvement in the report. I am frankly embarrassed, by Eamonn Gilmore. Given his own background in official Sinn Fein there is a certain irony in his comments today. It is right that this inquiry was held and it is right that the families of the two policemen have seen that a proper examination of the circumstances surrounding their deaths has been held. What exactly is Eamonn Gilmore apologising for?

I trust that the same extension of justice, nevertheless, to others, will now occur in the North.

Other topics? Education North and South, the continued resurgence of the Southern economy (for Sammy)  and a half written piece regarding  a comparison of group psychology in the Jungle (I’m a celeb) with Northern Council politics. Another day perhaps