A good week for the British Broadcasting Corporation, a bad week for the British army and a controversial week for Johnny Larkin.

Not content with just reporting the news, the BBC had decided – for the 2nd time in a couple of weeks – to got out and make some. Having just delivered the excellent ‘The Disappeared’ they then delivered the arguably even better Panorama programme ‘Britain’s Secret Terror Force’.


As indicated on this site and by ‘an Sionnach Fionn’, we here in Ireland are not unfamiliar with what the ‘best army in the world’ likes to up get up to.


The Panorama programme came hot on the heels of the Attorney General, John Larkin, uniting large swathes of political opinion in oppostion to his (sensible) suggestion that the GFA might be the cut off point for prosecutions for Troubles-related killings.

With Unionists and the SDLP jumping up and down – Davey Cameron assured parliament that he had no plans to introduce an amnesty – perhaps simply reflecting the fact that Northern Ireland has its own Justice Department and perhaps that would be their job? Whoever has the job of actually changing the law – I think we should be expecting the highest legal officer in the land -to be actually passing comment on the law.


Richard Haass, reassuringly ignoring the fuss surrounding Johnny Larkin, duly complimented the AG for moving the debate along – and quickly left the country.


… and with only 32 flag protest days left till xmas – next Saturday has been booked up – thus ensuring there will be one less shopping day.


(Sammy McNally)