(Or “something for the weekend” for the non Irish speakers out there)

Sammy kicks off our new series……….

Last week it was Gerry who dominated the Irish media – this week it was Roy’s turn. Roy, who is either the greatest Corkonian since the big Fellah liberated the 3 Green Fields or the most traitorous Corkman since the big Fellah cut a deal with the British and gave away the 4th Green Field. Take your pick.

Yes, Roy Keane had been appointed assistant manager to Martin O’Neill for Ireland/Republic of Ireland/The Beggars(Copyright OWC).Keane O'Neill

In an historic U-turn, the boy Roy had gone to work for his (former) sworn enemies – the FAI – if Gerry had turned up at Westiminster when he was MP for West Belfast to swear an oath of allegiance to herself – there would have been less surprise.
Saturday’s Irish Times reported on ‘Northener’ Martin O’Neill’s first press conference as Roy’s boss where Martin, in seeking to allay fears regarding Roy’s temperament, suggested that “a bit of volatility never did anybody any harm”. (Not a view likely to be shared by Mick McCarthy)

Back across the international frontier (in Green Field number 4) there were howls of outrage over another footballing matter when word spread that Enda Kenny, head honcho of Green Fields (1,2 and 3) wanted an ‘All Ireland’ team. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/international/taoiseach-enda-kenny-wants-allireland-team-to-play-england-at-croke-park-29737499.html

As you might expect this All Ireland malarkey did not go down well on OurWeeCountry(OWC) the Northern Ireland fans website where they also have to put up with the lesser O’Neill(Michael) as their manager and their best players opting/being poachrd to play for their bitterest rivals. (Martin O’Neill also, not unexpectedly, was the target for some choice ‘criticism’). http://ourweecountry.ipbhost.com/
Sunday was ‘Rememberance Sunday’ and in Green Field Number 4 that means trying to remember all those illuminating arguements about wearing or not wearing a poppy which were enjoyed by everyone so much in previous years. Last week, it was noted how the boy Jude(Collins) leapt to the defence of Gerry (Adams) and on (Rememberance) Sunday, Jude appeared on the (excellent) BBC Radio Progam, Sunday Sequence, to discuss the fallout of the previous weeks BBC program on the disappeared. In soccerball parlance, the boy Jude done good (he perhaps wisely avoids giving his own view opting instead to explain the ‘Republican’ perspective.) Some very interesting comments from Dawn Purvis.
If you fancy an alternative view on Remeberance try this –
Over on Slugger, I’m afraid it was largely tedious – dominated as it was by the thorough coverage of the SDLP conference which is always likely to be at least a bit – if not very – tedious and both Slugger and (comeback kid) FJH covered the death of Eddie McGrady.
And it was depressing news as usual with  the ‘right to march to school’ probably now also on the agenda for Richard ‘Clint’ Haas who has checked into a local saloon and will be rounding up the usual suspects for a showdown over their poor behaviour.
The good news of Ireland (3 Green Fields only) exiting the bailout couldn’t even get a positive noise out of the Irish Times who seemed to be lamenting a lost opportunity for more ‘reform’ whilst there were foriegners about the place to take the blame.(God be with the days when we just blamed the Englezes for everything)
To be fair to Slugger, perhaps the most interesting (and best) tinternet story of the week was by Brian Walker – writing about the death of the BBC political correspondent John Cole and noting how his Unionist attitudes had hindered his carreer in the British press – attitudes that I dont think could be gleaned from his excellent BBC broadcasting.
Slán – and dont forget folks – there are only 39 flag protests days left ’till xmas.