Language seems to assume ridiculous importance here.
It is a means to define identity. We seem to think it important how we say things. Derry or Londonderry, Aitch or Haitch, The North, Norn Iron or the six counties.
I had an interesting conversation today with a Derry girl who self consciously corrected herself as being a Londonderry girl. I said nothing but I understood. There is much that doesn’t need to be said.
Being a Dubliner I fully understand the subtleties of why Corkmen or my ex wife from Mayo would not speak the same language as I do. Mrs Bangordub is from Enniskillen and speaks a western language that I am only learning now after years. That is actually one of the reasons why I am still mad about Her.
It would be easy to take the proverbial, so it would. It is much better to be a Dub learning, so it is.

I should add that I have, with my limited knowledge of Irish, probably done more for the learning of our shared language, than any Govt scheme I know of. So has Linda Ervine.