Brilliant article here from Barton Creeth, our resident Californian abroad. Please take the time to read this. It isn’t often we get the opportunity to get a view other than a local one but although Barton lives in Belfast, his view is, perhaps, less biased than mine or others.

barton creeth


I have sympathy for my brothers and sisters living in loyalist communities, many of which bear the brunt of some of the worst levels of poverty and social deprivation in the UK. I also take to heart that many of my loyalist friends are well educated, financially comfortable, and simply take delight in their cultural and national identity and want the best for everyone living in Northern Ireland. They are tolerant, inclusive, faithful, caring people. There is nothing wrong with being a loyalist, and until people come to terms with that statement, the conversation really hasn’t started.

I am the first to admit that being an American, I can often misinterpret the political landscape here. But we in Northern Ireland, from whatever background, need to keep vigilant against extremism, whether it derives from republican, loyalist, anti-Islamic, or any other source. Because extremism won’t just ruin our economy, it will devastate lives…

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