Twenty years ago I was one of the first to own a “brick”. A dirty big beige thing with an enormous battery and it held it’s charge for at least an hour. I knew I was a God amongst Men with it đŸ˜‰ . We all read Newspapers- paper copies. mobile old mobilephones were owned by “Yuppies” , information was exchanged mostly by word of mouth and we met people through other people socially . Friends were generally people we had actually met and our opinions were formed through actual personal experience, reading books, expanding our knowledge and the values we learned as children.

Things have changed a bit.

Now we have the “Jeremy Kyle” generation. If you have ever watched that awful show you will know what I mean. It generally revolves around relationship disasters and funny enough, social media often plays a part. I am on Twitter and Facebook myself. I use both sparingly. I am often interested by how the most inept at social interaction use the same phrases repeatedly. For example, “Why doesn’t x say it to my face?” “I always say straight out what I think” etc. It can be confrontational and defensive and sometimes very unpleasant.

Anyhow. Recent events have seen things develop somewhat on that particular front. Ruth Patterson found herself up in court last week for her comments. the LAD site is having an absolute field day lampooning various Loyalists and their online rants. It appears that She and others still think that what was was once said in private or in the Pub can be broadcast in the same way. Eh, no. The whole world can now read it and bigotry, from whatever quarter, is exposed for exactly what it is in all its ugly glory.

Suddenly the world is an open book.

Finola Meredith published this in the Irish Times today. It is worth a read. It exposes the myths of Loyalist victimhood.

Credit:  Press Eye

Credit: Press Eye

I think it is time certain elements were called out. Many nationalists have long known the true feelings of certain politicians and some of their neighbours.  It is also time for Unionists to start facing up to the realities of living here on this island. They are not “the people”, they are part of the people. I am honestly astonished by how badly they are led, they deserve better.

The fact is that the World has moved on. I am often challenged by comments and opinions on this blog and it does make me think. I am delighted that tech advances have made it possible to communicate much more widely than in the days of my “Brick”.

It seems some others have yet to make the jump.