This is sometimes like herding Goats. Sorry. That was disrespectful.

I keep trying to get back to solid figures here which is what the blog is about.

Jude made some great points on his blog which I think he would prefer I linked to rather than quote. Gonna do both.

UPDATE: Jude Collins9 August 2013 19:46

Bangordub – no need for the formalities – Dr Collins will do fine… ;

  1.  When Arlene Foster speaks about leadership, she is of course talking about the abysmal failure of Sinn Féin to show leadership over the Castlederg republican parade. She is not talking about the brave leadership of the DUP, which has repeatedly denounced the violence of those who attacked the Lord Mayor in North Belfast, and has even gone so far as to heavily criticise those who would suggest the Lord Mayor had been warned not to go there.
  2. There is no equivalence between the Castlederg commemoration and that devoted annually in Coleraine to the memory of loyalist paramilitaries.
  3. There is no equivalence between the respectful 20 + loyal order parades which go through the centre of Castlederg each year and the planned republican commemoration.
  4. There is no equivalence between Sunday’s Castlederg commemoration and  the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies in that town, where the heroism of British armed forces down the ages and up to the present day is honoured.
  5. Martin McGuinness has failed the unionist community by his refusal to accept that there should be no commemoration of any kind anywhere of any republican dead. He has also failed the unionist community by not accepting that they have the right to hold commemorations of their dead anywhere, anytime of their choosing.
  6. Black is white.

So we have 2 Nationalist Marches which are beyond the pale. Can anybody explain to me what the difference is?