I have long wondered about Unionisms relationship with militarism, definition of terrorists and identification with physical force as a means of achieving political aims.Marina Ginestà 17-year-old militiawoman on the roof of Barcelona's Colon Hotel on 21 July 1936

Ruth Patterson has again laid bare or as I have previously on numerous occasions said, let “the mask slip” regarding this matter. Unionist marches are invariably militaristic in nature. They involve people dressing up in mock military uniforms and banging drums and playing flutes. Ahem. I’ll not make the obvious Freudian analogy. They are accompanied by members of the various Loyal Orders marching in faux military formation. Many of them are actually ex- military Men, and they are mostly Men.

These Unionists celebrate and commemorate, to my knowledge, the following events: The battle of the Boyne, The Siege of Derry, the battle of Aughrim the Somme and various other scenes of slaughter in WW1. They celebrate their sacrifices for the benefit of Britain. A Britain that they distrust and that they also say has continuously abandoned them.

They object to the commemoration of those who sought, through those same means of arms, the aim of Irish self determination including many of the protestant faith.

Not a single Orangeman fought at the Boyne.  Actually all they did was import German arms into Larne and Bangor just before the first world war and threaten armed insurrection against the state if they didn’t get their way and they didn’t care what anyone thought.

Just like Ruth.