Strangely enough the Belfast Telegraph hasn’t run a headline on this. I’m sure most readers of this blog are aware of how assiduous the Bel Tel, not to mention some other blogs, are regarding their trumpeting of, as FJH would phrase it, “letsgetalongerism”. It is striking when compared with the 2011 census results how attitudes appear to have changed.

Apparently we’re now at 38% with a more Irish than British bias versus 39% more British than Irish. 6% are Neither and the magic 1% couldn’t give a monkeys!

I’m still waiting for Slugger or the Bel Tel to post an article on this amazing turnaround over the course of a year or to analyse the reasons as to why this may have happened. Perhaps we should start the discussion here?

Here’s the link to the data:

Irish not British 24
More Irish than British 14
Equally Irish and British 17
More British than Irish 16
British not Irish 23
Other description (please specify) 6
Don’t know 1