A few highlights crossing my mind as I watch the European Rugby final. (I’m against promoting the sponsors unless they want to pay me for the privelige)Pint


Pint. A fabulous creamy, properly poured, delicious pint is €3.40. That’s better than Bangor. Best Chowder I’ve had in a long time with gorgeous soda bread, proper butter and fantastic service. Pure heaven.


Some points about the Census.

Immigration is a major factor for the first time in the North. 11% of the population now was born outside the six counties including me. A lot of these “immigrants” (I know, I use the word tongue firmly in cheek) are having babies, mostly in Dungannon and the odd place called “Craigavon” as well as Belfast. On identity, a lot of people seem to have recorded themselves as having multiple boxes to tick. 10% of people, that’s 180,000, ticked more than 1 box. There is a definite reluctance on the part of, mostly younger, people, to define themselves along the traditional lines.  Things are changing rapidly and there is no longer any single demographic group in any kind of a majority.

As I sip my pint and savour the crabmeat, leeks, salmon, cod and prawns in the beautiful creamy garlicky sauce I am thinking that the electoral mix is being stirred north of the border.

Perhaps new thinking is required in the political kitchen?