This blog is just a baby in the wider world of bloggery.

It’s nearly one year old.

I’d just like to thank all those who read and comment. I have always said that it isThank You! those of you who pop in here that make things worth continuing with and I have tried to make my little space of the web available to all who wish to get involved. The readership is available on the sidebar to the right for those among you interested in statistics. We’re over the 100K mark and that is very satisfying.

I had 478 views in my first month, June of last year. That’s grown a bit since. I know I am not the greatest statistician in the World although I have qualifications in the subject. I am also not entirely brilliant at polemical rhetoric although I hold strong opinions. I am proud of the fact that we have generated some great debates and have some seriously interesting, as well as opinionated, contributors.

I have made friends in interesting quarters from this blog and I have learned a few things too. As a Dubliner, albeit with an Armagh Dad, I have gained a perspective and in many ways learned why he told me some things when I was a pup.

Thank You

(Ps: Does anyone like my new picture at the top?)