I have been known to place the odd few pounds or euros on a nag. I’ve even been known to back a winner on occasion. I’m no gambler though and if I do place a bet I do it in the full knowledge that I probably will lose the lot and so what? As long as I get some entertainment from the race and my horse puts in a decent effort.

I’ve also been known to invest a few pounds on the stock markets as you do. Not much but a few pounds in the full knowledge that companies fail or succeed, external factors, management decisions, personalities, actually a million different factors may influence whether I make a few bob or not. I am prudent. I spread my options. Safe options, iffy options, speculative stocks, a little on promising start ups or tech companies maybe.

The safest option was always the banks. I had a penny or two in Bank of Ireland shares back in the day bought at around €10. (I still do, they’ve doubled in value in recent weeks from 8c to 16c!) I’ll not go there. That’s the risk I took and I’m not really any poorer because of it due to me only being a dabbler. Pissed off, yes.

Now imagine if I approached you, presuming that you are a Bank of Ireland customer, and told you that because my investment had, eh, not worked out the way I expected, so please could you visit your atm, while I accompany you with a metaphorical gun to your head, and withdraw a few pounds for my “compensation fund”. I presume you may have an answer for me.

If I returned to the bookie after the race and asked for my stake back on the basis that my horse had “underperformed” I presume he may have an answer for me.

Tonight the people of Cyprus, in similar circumstances, gave an answer.

Would you?