Gregory's new runabout

Gregory’s new runabout

No, I’m not doing advertising just yet on this blog. I’m not even buying one of these, but for some reason certain Unionist politicians have their y-fronts in a knot over a new runabout on the market. I am sure the South Korean makers had this corner of the world to the forefront of their minds when dreaming up the name for their latest engineering triumph.

Those of you with a business background will be aware of the perils of cultural sensitivities.

From the Newsletter:

“Korean car maker Kia faced calls from MPs to rebrand its latest model because it shares its name with the Provisional IRA.

Unionist MPs said the Kia Provo should be renamed and given a title which is “not associated with terror and mayhem”.

The Democratic Unionist Party’s Gregory Campbell (East Londonderry) and William McCrea (South Antrim) claimed the name had caused “deep offence”.

The Provo concept car was unveiled at the Geneva motor show, with Kia claiming the “sleek, low, yet muscular coupe-style” design was “meant to be cheeky and cheerful in its compactness and to hint at the fun awaiting on the open road”.”

How dare they not have taken Gregory and Willie’s opinions on board ?