Ah, my favourite constituency. North Down is the rebel constituency. Full of well educated, non conformists who refuse to do what we’re told. I personally am friendly with people of a unionist background who are quite republican in their views and refuse to be told who to vote for. Fantastic. It is also populated by an overwhelmingly unionist and pretty elderly electorate. We all know that it is the pensioners who vote in the greatest numbers so that is why the age profiles will be crucial here when they are released

This is the most Unionist constituency in this part of the world and as the unionist migration to the east continues it will remain so for some time to come. I have a long and ongoing dispute (good natured I may add) with FJH regarding the potential for nationalism here. At this time there is not a single nationalist councillor much to my annoyance.

And so to the figures. Holywood and Bangor West are generally regarded as the nationalist areas albeit as minorities. Get ready for a major shock.

There are 25 wards. In not one are catholics a majority. Never have been.

In 21 of those 25 Wards the catholic percentage has grown since the last census. 

UPDATE: I should add that the percentage actual 2011 figures are as follows:

Catholic Protestant Other None
10681 57809 914 9533
13.5% 73.2% 1.2% 12.1%

The changes are below. I deserve a pint now and if FJH dares to argue as to why a nationalist seat is not there for the taking I will move to Craigavon and start a party of my own 😉

Catholic % 2011 Protestant % 2011
95XX01 Ballycrochan 0.6% -3.8%
95XX02 Ballyholme 1.5% -5.8%
95XX03 Ballymaconnell -1.8% -5.6%
95XX04 Ballymagee 1.9% -7.4%
95XX05 Bangor Castle 1.1% -9.4%
95XX06 Bloomfield 1.3% -9.7%
95XX07 Broadway 1.6% -8.3%
95XX08 Bryansburn 1.7% -5.2%
95XX09 Churchill 2.3% -7.1%
95XX10 Clandeboye 0.2% -7.4%
95XX11 Conlig 1.3% -8.8%
95XX12 Craigavad 1.4% -5.7%
95XX13 Crawfordsburn 2.2% -8.1%
95XX14 Cultra 2.7% -7.1%
95XX15 Dufferin 1.5% -7.8%
95XX16 Groomsport 0.2% -5.6%
95XX17 Harbour 4.6% -12.0%
95XX18 Holywood Demesne -0.5% -7.8%
95XX19 Holywood Priory 0.3% -4.2%
95XX20 Loughview -3.0% -4.7%
95XX21 Princetown 2.6% -7.9%
95XX22 Rathgael 2.8% -8.3%
95XX23 Silverstream 3.5% -11.1%
95XX24 Springhill 2.1% -8.4%
95XX25 Whitehill -0.2% -10.3%