The British Government has failed in its attempt to redraw the Westminster boundaries.

I am very pleased naturally as this means attempts to ghettoise the nationalist vote have been stopped in their tracks. For example, Belfast, a nationalist majority city would have been reduced from four seats to three. Currently there are two nationalist, one unionist and one alliance MPs. The changes would have likely returned two unionist and one nationalist. Strange one that, although not for my older readers.

Of course it is much easier for me to compare like with like election wise and that, for me is great.  Nigel Dodds is, as Nordie Northsider says in the previous thread, indeed in for “squeaky bum” time.

Unrelated but I also think I have to say something about the fact that Alliance under their shared future agenda today called for a stop to funding for catholic and maintained funding for building new schools in favour of only funding integrated education.

In the 1920’s Lord “London”Derry proposed that funding be removed from catholic schools. I suggest that anyone interested in the history of that particular period  read up and look at the results of that policy. Then view the alliance proposal again. Good luck. I came to only 1 conclusion.


In 1912