Continuing the Horseman theme of an annual appraisal of where things stand annually I will be shortly be posting a blog thingy with a stats heavy analysis of developments throughout the past twelve months. I have received some well intentioned and pertinent comments recently suggesting that I interpret and give my opinions rather more forcefully and somewhat less concisely. My weakness may be traced back to a Christian Brother who insisted on a brilliantly worded and ruthlessely edited two paragraph essay in preference to two pages of “waffle”. I agree with the points above and my new years resolution is two part.

  • To be clearer in my opinions and interpretation of the facts as they develop
  • I would like to gain a broad view of things so I will be inviting more guest bloggers onboard. Particularly Unionists.

I am very aware that this blog. although only 6 months old, has gained a very wide  readership. To be honest, I would have been happy with a couple of dozen readers but we have hit nearly 2000 on the best days. That bestows a responsibility on my part to all the people who read this.

I would also encourage those who may be reluctant to please engage and post comments. We don’t bite. Everyone is welcome as long as normal manners are maintained. A particular word of thanks is owed to those who have commented here. Out of over 1100 comments, I have not had to block a single one. That speaks volumes to me. Thank You.

Anyway, my New Year message is thank you for reading and, it isn’t perfect here, but we are all learning together. Let the New Year be a better one 😉