HorsemanThis is a holding statement. The powers that be have decided to release the figures in a less than user friendly fashion. Hence my slow response. Apologies.

What a great set of figures to get our teeth into though?

Unionism not just below but crashing through the 50% psychological barrier. I am amazed at that. I expected 50% +/- 1%.

Belfast is now officially a Nationalist city. 42% Unionist. who’d have thought it?

Of the 26 Councils only 10, by my count are  now majority Unionist. Fermanagh is greening by the minute and the West in general is lost to Unionism.

My older readers, bloggers, commenters and friends will all know who the title of this post refers to. He was right. Enough said.

I’ll be working on detailed figures for the next few hours so please forgive me if I don’t reply to all your comments. And thanks.

You might like this interactive map 😉