Strictly just for fun !

UPDATE: I have prepared detailed spreadsheets for when the census results are released based upon Local Government Wards. I have no doubt the headline figures will be released extremely fast so I will be concentrating on detailed figures as quickly as possible. My first post will be a Council by Council breakdown followed by individual wards. I will be producing direct comparisons with the previous census  so that trends and demographic changes can be quickly identified. I welcome any suggestions as to a different approach but this is my plan.

An interesting pic for those of you who may be seduced by Unionist outreach and the peaceful intentions of the “Fleg” protesters here. Complete with Gentleman Jim QC. Ahem ( Credit to Chris Donnelly)

UPDATE: 48% was the result. Well done to those who got it right. I was surprised to be honest. Any of the winners in Bangor I will buy a pint for ! e-mail me