Good Evening,

Practitioners of the dark arts of PR will be familiar with the 10 D’s. They are Dark Artsstrategies and tactics employed for the purpose of dealing with opposition or threats to an organisation. They are widely practiced in the field of Politics not surprisingly. It is rumoured that there are one or two experts employed at the taxpayers expense in this corner of the world as well.

So, here is my strictly non academic guide to the 10 D’s that some of you may have recognised being employed over the last few days:

  • Deflect:    “Deflection happens when your opponents try to shift the focus of the debate from the real problem to other issues, or when they try to “pass the buck” to a group with little or no authority” Lets talk about graffiti or playgrounds named 11 years ago, anything but “Flegs”
  • Delay:     Form a committee, announce an inquiry, anything but make a decision.
  • Deny:      The problem simply doesn’t exist!!!! Simples
  • Discount:     OK there is a problem but it’s not important 🙂
  • Deceive:      Mislead or confuse by lying or by “forgetting” to tell the whole story
  • Divide:         Identify differences between your opponents, maximise them, exploit them, forment division. “Divide and conquer”
  • Dulcify:        Appease your opposition with small meaningless concessions, this will help to divide them also
  • Discredit:     Call motives, methods, morals and motivations into question.
  • Destroy:       Attack on a personal level, hold no bars and go for a swift decisive victory.
  • Deal:          If you are losing, make a fekin deal before you are destroyed !

I would love to hear your thoughts on these and their application recently although, given the incompetence exhibited by the inept leaders of political Unionism recently, I would doubt that the above have been applied in anything approaching a strategic or planned manner.