Union JThe Alliance party are the new “Enemy” of Unionism apparently due to their compromise proposal on the flags issue in Belfast. The DUP whipped up the mob distributing inflammatory leaflets all Unionist areas of the city blaming Alliance. Last night and tonights events, particularly in Carrickfergus, are a direct result of that. Make no mistake.

Sammy Wilson was absolutely disgraceful tonight on UTV live. I urge everyone to watch this as soon as it is available online. I will post a link as soon as I can.

Update: The link is here. Sammy Wilson is at 5.00

We have two reactions from Unionist politicians. Condemnation of the violence and justification for it. Usually the latter preceeded by the former in the one sentence and linked by the word “but”.

It has all happened before many times. Prominent Unionist politicians stirring up the mob, inciting violence, justifying murder and mayhem. Then disowning those who carry it out and suffer the most as a result. We all know the culprits.

And so, tonight, Peter Robinsons outreach to Catholics and/or middle class, liberal, Unionists, lies, just like countless ragged, pathetic flags on countless sad lonely lamposts, in tatters.