Something to keep you all occupied.

The Detail Website has produced an interactive map showing the demographic breakdown of every school in the North.

I am linking to it here.

I am sure you will all look first at your own local areas as have I. Bangor, for instance throws up some surprising figures:

Primary Secondary
Catholic 11.41% 8.98%
Protestant 51.64% 65.90%
Other 36.95% 25.13%

This doesn’t of course factor in students who may travel outside the area to school and the very high figures for “Other” in the survey but it is a good guide as to trends in particular areas. Dungannon is a case in point.

I will put some figures together for other areas over the next few days. The map is on a school by school basis and based on raw numbers so this may take me a little time.

Update: Here are the headline percentages based on the NI Total figures. I have included the 1998 percentages for comparison.

2012 Primary Secondary
Catholic 50.70% 51.70%
Protestant 35.90% 38.60%
Other 13.40% 9.70%
1998 Primary Secondary
Catholic 50.40% 52.00%
Protestant 43.50% 40.80%
Other 6.20% 7.10%

Belfast Summary:

2012 Primary Secondary
Catholic 51.80% 54.45%
Protestant 31.21% 32.74%
Other 16.79% 12.82%