What relevance does “I’m a Celebrity” have to party politics in this day and age?

Well, it’s about group psychology for a start. Groups form for many reasons but they have common characteristics and the members adopt roles that are similar regardless of of the purpose of the group. Some of those roles include:

Leaders, opinion formers, reinforcers, followers, influencers, sympathisers, facilitators, delibarators and, of course, people pleasers, to name a few.

The dynamic of shows such as I’m a Celeb, is dependent upon throwing a mix of people together and allowing the group dynamic to evolve and develop.   That’s great fun for TV but the same dynamics are evident in party politics too. The UUP is busy tearing itself apart primarily about the leadership dynamic. The SDLP leadership battle is settled but the other roles within that group are still being fought over, internally. (Personally I’m all for FJH as party chairman) The “bag of mad cats” analogy still sticks.

Alliance, of course, have no group dynamic at all, they are a collection of individuals.

I think an understanding of the dynamics of group psychology may benefit certain parties if they wish to progress electorally.