Fianna Fail have been very vociferous in recent times about things North of the border. Most of it revolves around criticism of Sinn Fein and the governance of the Stormont regime in general. They have been organising Cumman, notably in QUB and Derry. Micheál Martin, the Party Leader, seems to be rediscovering the party’s Republican roots and testing the water for a move into party politics up North.

Or is he?

So I decided to delve a little deeper into the recent Fianna Fail commitment to the North, actual commitment that is, not rhetoric. I had a good read of their current Policy Document here. Fascinating document to be honest. There’s 30 pages of policies ! Great stuff. Except the first 8 are all about telling us how wonderful they were until they lost power in the last election. On the North? Well we have ONE paragraph in those eight pages.

” Achieved Peace in Northern Ireland

We have overseen historic developments including the Good Friday agreement  in 1998 and the Hillsborough Agreement in February 2010  which led to the devolution of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast”

“Overseen”. Quite. “Achieved Peace”. Right so.

On I read, twice, in case I missed something. Guess what?

Precisely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

So we have a “Republican” party organising on an All Ireland basis with absolutely no policies for six of the counties it aspires to govern.

Two words Micheál Martin: “Wise up”.