For those of you who think you don’t speak Irish or, like me, do it very badly, perhaps you should listen to this.

Linda Irvine, wife of the late David Irvine, speaks this morning about the Irish Language and it’s history and legacy, particularly in Belfast. She then expands her presentation to include the present development and education of the Language. Her point is that Irish belongs to all of us.

I couldn’t agree more.


Over the past 24 hours we have seen the burning out of a Catholic family from their home in Newtownards and the arrest of 14 bandsmen belonging to the Loyalist band previously referred to here that were responsible for the disgraceful scenes outside a Catholic Church in Belfast. It is heartening to see Linda Irvine project a positive, confident image of Loyalism in such circumstances.

The comments of Billy Hutchinson at the PUP conference are also commendable,”Because I talk or negotiate with a republican doesn’t make me any less British or loyalist.”

That quote lays bare the ignorance of the Loyal Orders and, before them, the Politicians, that believe talking is a weakness.