A Friday night song for you all.

Today, a Kenyan court ruled that three members of the Mau Mau group that fought against British Colonialism in the 1950’s, and were tortured and mutilated as a consequence, had the right to sue the British Government.

The defence of the British Government is that “all liabilities for the torture by colonial authorities were transferred to the Kenyan Republic upon independence in 1963 and that it could not be held liable now.” Breathtaking.

This all happened at the tail end of the days of the British Empire. An empire that was responsible for creating some of the most intractable wars, conflicts and inter ethnic disputes in History. An empire that with breathtaking arrogance, fostered divisions and Religious extremes in order to exert control. An empire that exploited and impoverished many peoples. An empire that believed in it’s own superiority to such an extent that it believed itself above any natural humanitarian law. An empire that believed blindly in its civilising influence but was, in fact, a force for the destruction of civilisations that had existed long before it had itself, existed. Familiar?

Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, India/Pakistan, Sudan, Cyprus, Yemen to name a few. I wonder what they all have in common?

There’s another place too. I’ll let the music speak for itself