The events of the last few days have revealed much of the mindset of Unionism and the relationships between Unionists and Nationalists in this small corner of this Island.

My last post includes some comments by Orangemen who challenged the presence of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, at their commemoration of the 1912 Ulster Covenant. That is a welcome development. The man is an anachronism and an embarrasment as well as not the brightest student of History I have ever encountered.

Unionism has always thrived upon a certain sense of historical superiority and a belief in it’s inherent right to govern. That day is long gone. The people of Ireland, including those of Unionist inclination, have reclaimed the right to self determination. Home Rule actually.  The irony of celebrating 1912, which was of course, a threatened rebellion, led by a Dubliner who was opposed to home rule, is not lost on me.

We are now in a situation where Unionist anger is directed at the Parades commission or at Nationalists who object to Unionist flouting of the law.

Ironic I think, given that the the whole 1912 scenario was about challenging the legitimacy of the British Governments writ as well as the democratic will of the Irish People. Am I wrong?

The engagement last night here was very enlightening. Unlike other certain places, it was intelligent, interesting and informative. Thanks, to all who contributed