12 July 2012. The Loyalist band (Young Conway Volunteers) is filmed playing a sectarian song while marching in circles outside St Patricks Church and assaulting and threatening the cameraman.

25 August 2012. The same Loyalist band is banned by the parades commission from participating in a second parade past the Church. Other bands are restricted to a single drumbeat while passing.

This is completely ignored and the situation is inflamed by the words and actions of, among others, the head of the Royal Black Institution and also senior DUP’er Nelson McCauseland.

Nationalist onlookers are assaulted, the band marches and the single drumbeat turns into a tribal war dance.

28 August 2012. The head of the Police Federation asks Politicians to” get their fingers out”

31 August 2012. Protestant Church Leaders condemn the actions of the band and call for the rule of law to prevail

2,3 4 September 2012. Serious rioting at Carlisle Circus by Loyalists

5 September 2012. Joint statement by FM/DFM condemning violence and encouraging dialogue

6 September 2012. Royal Black Institution (RBI) apologises for “Offence caused” but blames the Parades Commission

7 September 2012. The Orange Order (OO) makes a mysterious announcement that it is holding talks- doesn’t say who with. It later transpires that it spoke to the Parish Priest but refuses to engage with local residents.

10 September 2012. Fr Sheehan, the Parish Priest offers to speak to the RBI.

17 September 2012. The OO offers to play only hymns when passing the Church.

25 September 2012. The parades commission publishes its determination for the march due on the 29th. The march may pass the Church playing only hymns but with no stoppages, excessive drumming or supporters.

29 September 2012 The Ulster covenant parade is scheduled to take pace.

I truly hope the march passes without incident but bitter experience suggests otherwise.

I have not included every detail of every individuals behaviour, I could write a novel on Nelson alone, he is a classic case study in narcissistic nihilism. (sorry for getting wordy)

The Orange Order has so far demonstrated appalling leadership and has done nothing but damage to its own interests. Lets see how Saturday goes