Many, many years ago we were all subject to censorship. All of us.

Books, films, art, literature, opinions.

Censorship takes many forms but it is about controlling access to alternative opinions and the right to express alternative opinions at the end of the day.

Older media sites such as Slugger O’Toole have led the way in blowing away the cobwebs surrounding state or media mogul led Media. Newspapers have had their day as opinion formers. Choice is the new media. There is a danger in sites such as Slugger trying to manipulate their content or contributions such as happened to me  recently. It merely reinforces the prejudices surrounding their contributors.

I have done a little research on the person responsible. Suffice to say a pattern is obvious and a political bias is unmistakable. This is a pity.

Unfortunately, however worthy those contributors are, consumers, ie: the rest of us, will move on and seek forums and opinions that we trust.

Trust is the cornerstone that seals the deal between a provider and a customer.

Once trust is lost, a bond is broken. I lost my trust in Slugger tonight.