The Olympics are a huge success so far in my humble opinion. From the impressive opening ceremony choreographed by Danny Boyle, through to the very impressive individual performances by all the athletes and onto the very human reactions of delight, disappointment, pain, triumph and vindication.

I am delighted by the results of all the Irish athletes whether on Team Ireland or Team GB. Particularly Katie Taylor (above). I honestly believe it is the right of every person to give allegiance to whoever they feel they should, wherever they were born. After all, the Duke of Wellington, a Dubliner, famously said that being born in a stable didn’t make one a Horse. At this point, many of Team GB medal winners weren’t even born in GB. We in Ireland also benefit from this diverse new world with the likes of Sanita Puspure representing our Country proudly.

Unfortunately, “The dreary steeples” once again raise their heads in regard to the North of Ireland. A row brews, yet again, as to who has the right to represent where, the insecurities of Unionism have yet again come to the fore and insularity is the order of the day.

My God, WHY!

If anybody in the North views themselves as British, that’s fine by me. Equally if  they are Irish, then they are a fellow Irishman or Woman as far as I am concerned.

Why does Unionism have a problem with this?

Foireann na hÉireann Abu