Today, the award winning blog, Rangerstaxcase, posted its last blog. It feels like a death in the family, almost. The achievements of this blog were groundbreaking and profound.

I won’t attempt here to cover all the details of what the anonymously hosted site revealed but, in my view, what started out as an attempt to do the job that mainstream journalists should have been doing over the previous ten years or so became something truly magical and very human.

It brought together all shades of Scottish footballing opinion and it stood for something which should matter to all of us. Values, Morality and Truth.

The Site gained official recognition winning the Orwell prize, it was extensively quoted both Nationally and Internationally. It exposed the parochialism and croneyism of the local press (with honourable exceptions) but most of all it brought about change.

The, still unfinished, saga of what was Rangers FC, who played yesterday in the obscure Ramsdens Cup against lowly Brechin City of the fourth tier of Scottish football, was largely predicted and chronicled on this blog.

It’s greatest achievement and, I hope, lasting epitaph was to bring together all shades of true Scottish football fans in common cause opposing corruption, sharp practice and the abuse of position.

It will be missed, but its legacy will endure.