Next week sees the publication of the 2011 Marriages Report from the Registrar General. I thought that in advance of its publication I would take a look at recent trends and provide a context prior to the release. Naturally, Horseman has previously examined this subject in some depth here up to and including 2008.

This is his Chart below:

As may be seen there has been a clear trend with Catholic Marriages overtaking Protestant Marriages about 1998 as well as a dramatic increase in Civil marriages over the entire period.

My own Chart below looks at the period 2000 to 2010 using the same source material


As may be seen above there has been a steady increase in Civil Marriages and a decrease in Protestant ones, while Catholic Marriages have remained pretty steady over the period. I have included a trend line to enable clearer analysis.

I will blog again on this when the 2011 figures are announced next week.

note: I apologise for the somewhat clumsy presentation of the chart, I am working on this and hope to rectify ASAP, BD (Link to Full page is HERE)