The dust has settled a little from my last post on the 12th of July. I thought I might be analysing the Unionist reaction to the events outside the Church as mentioned previously.

Unfortunately not. The only reaction has been from DUP politician Nelson Mc’Causland.  An unbelievable diatribe directed at the person who posted the video, the nationalist population both locally and in general, and most of all, at the “Meeedja”. As my young Daughter would say, OH MY GOD ! I cannot believe the cluelessness of this clown and the lack of political nous by Unionist politicians in general.

Of course, to any reasonable person, what should have happened first and formost was an admission that this was wrong as any reasonable person could plainly see.

The point is the equivocation, sidetracking, whataboutery, blame deflection and lack of political leadership shown by PUL mainstream politicians.
I am still waiting on one of them, any of them, to come straight out and say what happened outside that Church (Or Chapel as ye say here) was wrong.

I live in rapidly diminishing hope………